Market Design [Graduate Seminar]

Making Markets [MBA Course, with T. Eisenmann]

The Entrepreneurial Manager [MBA Course, with W. R. Kerr]

Topics in Matching and Market Design [Graduate Seminar]

Market Design Perspectives on Inequality [Graduate Mini-Course]

Market Design Approaches to Inequality [Graduate Mini-Course]

Matching Theory, Substitutability, and Generalized Matching [Graduate Mini-Course]

Recent Advances in Matching Market Design [Graduate Lecture]

  • Spring 2014: KECD 2175 -- Matching Markets: Theory and Applications -- Sciences Po
  • Spring 2014: CS 286r -- Matching and Market Design -- Harvard University

Introduction to Matching Theory [Graduate Lecture]

  • Spring 2014: Math 243 -- Evolutionary Dynamics -- Harvard University
  • Winter 2012: Economics 35002 -- The Origins and Consequences of Inequality -- University of Chicago

Introduction to Matching and Market Design [Undergraduate Lecture]

  • Spring 2015: Applied Mathematics 115 -- Mathematical Modeling -- Harvard University
  • Winter 2013: Economics 24500 -- Women, Work and Property Rights -- University of Chicago

Recent Advances in Generalized Matching Theory [Tutorial, with J. W. Hatfield]

Online Marketing at Big Skinny [MBA Case Session]

  • September 20, 2011: Course 1760 -- The Online Economy -- Harvard Business School
  • September 28, 2010: Course 1760 -- The Online Economy -- Harvard Business School

Awards: Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising (Winner, 2016; Nominee, 2014), Derek Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (2016)